Asbestos Removal Oxford & Oxfordshire

Asbestos is a class one carcinogen and can have serious health implications when fibres become airborne and enter the human respiratory system. When materials are in poor condition or require removal, controls are required to ensure that those carrying out the works do not put themselves or others at risk. Materials that are disturbed or handled without the correct controls will result in the spread of contamination and personal exposure. Often it is not just those who carry out uncontrolled works that are at risk but others who are in the vicinity either during or after the works.

At Amicus Environmental we work with all types of asbestos in any condition and our services include:

  • Asbestos removal
  • Asbestos encapsulation
  • Asbestos decontamination
  • Asbestos waste removal
  • Full asbestos abatement
  • Asbestos contaminated land remediation

Who can provide asbestos services?

Because of the risks to health, asbestos has its own set of regulations and these are enforced by various governing bodies such as the Health and Safety Executive and Local Authorities. Works with or on asbestos materials are classified into two categories, licensed and un-licensed. Any asbestos service providers must be qualified and trained to standards set out in the regulations. High risk materials are classed as licensable and as such a removal license is required. A license to remove asbestos is granted by the Health and Safety Executive and at Amicus Environmental we are proud to hold a full asbestos license and can undertake work with any type of asbestos material.

Amicus Environmental has a wealth of experience and qualifications in all aspects of asbestos management and removal. In addition our staff undergo continuous professional development training to ensure they are always fully conversant and complaint with all aspects of health and safety.

Do asbestos containing materials need to be removed?

Many people become concerned about asbestos materials in a building. So long as the material is in good condition, left undisturbed and properly managed it usually poses no threat to health and will not require remedial works until such time as it is likely to be disturbed or its condition deteriorates.

Asbestos materials that are in a poor condition do not necessarily require removal but they will require remedial works to ensure that the condition is improved so that it can be managed correctly.

The decision on whether to remove or manage an asbestos containing material should always take into consideration the following:

  • Is the material likely to be disturbed on a day to day basis? If it is can it be sealed and protected to avoid accidental damage?
  • In the long run is it more economically viable to remove the material and have it replaced with a non-hazardous substitute?

To discuss your needs, you can call Amicus’ asbestos removal team on 01993 869 320. Alternatively, you can send an email enquiry and we will call you back regarding asbestos surveying.